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Knock Knock

who’s still reading?  No one?  fabulous!  Then I don’t have to move to a different location….

I’m awaiting my new floors.  Carpet and Tile.  Where are my floors!!! aarrgghh!!!

I’ll call today and find out why they never call 🙁

I’m Home!

Yay 🙂  Back in Loveland!

That kinda wraps up the point of the blogging….maybe later I’ll come up with something else to write about.  But first, you all have to forget about this because if you’re reading this that means you know me so I’ll “watch” what I say…

What’s different since I’m back?!  Digital Broadcasts out of Denver are a reality!  All the major networks, free over the air…in HD when they do it! w00t!

Go get yerself digital ready if you’re not!

The last Night

Apparently, I have been instructed…in great detail.. how to get onto a train, and get of the train

There’s some big beer festival in Karlsruhe, and I’ll be there for my last night.  I’m not allowed to drive…despite my obvious attachment to Sat-Nav and my car.

We’ll see how this all works out…I’m sure eventually I’ll end up back at my hotel.  I can always hire a taxi 🙂

Smoked Trout



The smoked trout we picked up after lunch was dinner.  The hotel let me eat it on the patio, and brought me a coke and a basket of fries.  The trout was excelent!  The bones came out fairly easily.  It was perfect.  I haven’t had smoked trout in a long time, and this was an excellent example of how it should be.


The last piece before I eated it: [flickr]photo:2476716340[/flickr]

Trout is gone: [flickr]photo:2475901055[/flickr]

It’s ok..I went next door and had dessert!


It was then time to actually pay my hotel bill.  Apparently, cash is king.  So carry lots of it.


You get really good service when you’re walking about with that many Euros. a bottle?

One thing I’d not gotten here was a Coke from a vending machine. Just now we headed to the on site cafeteria and the only vending machines I’ve seen (well, other than the cigarette machines that are every 5 feet on the street).

0.70€ for a coke.  That includes a 0.20€ fee for the bottle.  On other side of the vending machines is a bottle return machine.  It claims to give out 0.20€ for your bottle.  We’ll see how that works out…

At any rate.  Coke. Smile. 🙂

Smoked Trout

Today at lunch in the cafeteria we were talking about different types of food. They mentioned they had trout and asked if I’d had any. I said I love trout, I do, and that there’s smoked trout. So I of course asked what time and where was dinner…

30 minutes later we’re here:
Zordel Fischzucht

Seigfreid got flashed on the way there – probably 20€ ticket, and he bought us some smoked trout. Fabulous!

I know what I’m having for dinner!

Dinner near the ATM

Last night I needed some more cash, so I walked over to the ATM that works. (yes, I only use one ATM ever) that’s near the food.

[flickr]photo:2415552613[/flickr] *click for larger version

I went into one of the places I hadn’t been into.  There’s 3 Italian places here and a bakery.  I ordered the chicken with ham and cheese covered in sauce.  And my obvious English means the cook walks over and insists I have Spaghetti…because is good.

I should have had a camera for this.

First comes a huge salad.  I get through most of it.

Then comes what I ordered, 4 chicken breasts, covered in ham and cheese and a nice tomato sauce.

Then he shows up with a giant bowl of spaghetti.

There is enough food to literally feed 4 or 5 people in front of me.

I ate 2 of the chicken breasts and a few bites of the spaghetti.  The spaghetti was honestly over cooked, and the minimal amount of sauce on it didn’t taste good.  Mixed with the sauce that was over the chicken it was actually good.


All for 10.80€.  I won’t go back there again, thankfully I only have 3 days left to use to avoid it 🙂



Sunday was a “relax” day after driving so much on Saturday. So I headed to Karlsuhe and visited the big museum. Apparently the parking garage was closed just under it…so I had to back up and find somewhere else to park. Great fun that.

[flickr]photo:2472020392[/flickr] The tower in the museum. Your entry to the museum gets you access to the tower. To get to the can go all over looking for it, and you won’t find it. Ok, ask the nice gentleman by the model of the building and grounds, he’ll point you to what you think is a closet door. Nope, go through it and up the stairs.


There’s lots of stairs. Two spiral stair cases. One square stair case. It’s lots of steps. And, we’ve covered my irrational fear of heights, yes?

[flickr]photo:2472018906[/flickr] [flickr]photo:2472019014[/flickr] [flickr]photo:2471197689[/flickr] [flickr]photo:2471197917[/flickr]

Looking down.. [flickr]photo:2472019182[/flickr]

I’ve paid more in the past to go up less tall buildings for pictures. It’s worth it, always go to the highest places you can for pictures. It’s a great view, it’s a nice breeze, and … well, why not!

After that, I climbed down all those stairs…and decided I should get lunch, lest I repeat Saturday’s lack of meals. So I walked through the doors that said Cafe’ and was asked for my ticket. Now…I had bought a ticket and been all over the museums levels and into the tower. No one had asked for my ticket.

Apparently, I was in a “special” exhibit area now. So I showed her my ticket and it obviously wasn’t for that area. I asked how do I get to the cafe’ then as I’d followed the sign. She “guided” me to the end and let me to the cafe. Yay. So I saw that exhibit, quickly, but for free. No, I don’t know what it was.

[flickr]photo:2472020232[/flickr] mm Grape! It’s not bier…it’s not wine… what is it? It’s grape, that’s for sure. Try one. Better than Cola bier!

After lunch, I walked about the vast grounds and along the many paths. There was a i bought a ticket and went for a ride.


Thankfully, the 5 year old kid sitting next to me spoke English and German, so my ticket was punched despite my ignoring the lady who was asking in Germany for my ticket. I don’t think his grandparents spoke English, but, perhaps they had suggested in German he speak to me in English as I obviously didn’t pay attention to German. It was a good train ride on the steam engine. Worth it.

After the train I headed back to the hotel.

When I got to the hotel…the main road I always take was closed. They were having a Town Party type thing on the road. Good thing I’ve walked all over and just drove to the proper road and detour wasn’t a big deal.

I parked at the hotel and walked the 20 yards to the event! Live music, Linden Brau beer, and a brat…


that was that!


Neuschwanstein Castle

After Dachau, it was time to see more castles. Neushwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castle. Hohenschwangau is King Ludwigs parents Castle, and Neushwanstein was King Ludwigs. He only lived there a few days, and it is in “as was” condition.


Hohenshwangua Castle & Neushwanstein Castle

I didn’t get to the town in time to see both tours. I had to choose. Neuschwanstein is the Castle Walt Disney used as the “model” for Disney Land. So I choose that one.

It’s one mile..uphill…to the Castle from where you buy your ticket. Don’t be a sucker and pay for the buss or carriage ride, give it a walk. About 20 minutes if you don’t stop.

[flickr]photo:2471092783[/flickr] After arriving at the Castle. I was hot, and gladly enjoyed leaning against the wall and the cool breeze that was out. I stayed out of the sun to cool down. They said it would take 40 minutes to walk up to the Castle…they lie! I was there about 45 minutes early.


I was at the main gate area for awhile.

The view from the main gate is also worthy! What a great place for a Castle!


In the main courtyard area, you can get a good view of the main castle area as well.


When you finally get to the tour, you are not allowed to take any pictures. The interior of the castle is in the condition it was when King Ludwig died. He hadn’t lived but 172 or so days in the castle. It isn’t finished, but it is in excellent condition. The paint, floors, bedding, everything is “original” as the state of Bavaria took ownership of the castle when he passed away.

You can take a picture out the windows.. [flickr]photo:2471917914[/flickr]

That’s the window in the concert / ball room area. Great views, great Castle!

[flickr]photo:2471918066[/flickr] One final shot as I headed back down.

[flickr]photo:2471095783[/flickr] Hohenshwangua Castle…as I walked down the road.

Now…plan your trip to Neuschwanstein better than I. When the tour was over…the restaurants that I’d scoped out were closed. So, I hadn’t had breakfast…the hotels breakfast wasn’t surved when I left in the morning. I had a snickers at the gas station. I forgot about lunch while at Dachau and didn’t think about eating until I’d gotten to Neuschwanstein area. I got the ticket and was told to “hurry up” to the castle, so I figured I’d eat after the tour. Woops.

So I headed back to Waldbronn and figured I’d just stop along the motor way…. well, that’s all well an good if I know a decent restaurant along the way that happens to be open late. The only place I could find, and I finally caved in, was Burger King.

Yes. I got the Whopper, with Cheese. and Fries. No laughing like at McDonalds, just if I’d like to “maxi” size it. Nope, but the burger was good..and my only meal on Saturday.

I left around 7:30am, and got back to the hotel just before 11:00pm. I was beat, and went to sleep!

Dachau Memorial Site

On Saturday, I headed into Bavaria and visited two areas. One was Dachau. It is the site of a former Nazi Concentration camp…the dark history of Germany.

The Dachau camp was reopened in the 1960’s as a memorial and there is no admission fee to enter the site. If you’d like a tower, or a guide, there is a small fee.

When you park and walk along the path to the camp, you don’t know it yet…but this is the path the prisoners were forced to walk along to enter Dachau.


The main gate that all prisoners go through to enter… this is how all visitors today still enter.


[flickr]photo:2471090049[/flickr] a Guard tower at the camp.

[flickr]photo:2471913468[/flickr] the main area between the prisoners barracks. Lined with poplar trees. The foundations remain, and they have rebuilt two of the barracks.

[flickr]photo:2471091075[/flickr] What one of the barracks looked like.

[flickr]photo:2471091567[/flickr] This is the second crematorium. The first one was too small.

[flickr]photo:2471913954[/flickr] The actual incinerators in the crematorium.


A memorial on the Dachau memorial site, created by a survivor of Dachau.

I spent several hours at Dachau Memorial site. The main support building, the largest building houses the main museum. It has accounts from the period, and political information. There is a video show in the center to watch as well. (It has English and German)

I hadn’t intended on spending half a day at Dachau, but I felt in no hurry to leave either. I was there on a Saturday. The survivors hold a reunion on the first Sunday after liberation every year. That was Sunday, 5/4/2008. They were setting up the chairs in the prisoners gathering area for the event Sunday as I was leaving.

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