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A water heater is born

And my new water heater is now installed on the new tile 🙂  It has two drains..and it sits in a tub.  The old wh just had a tube that ran to the crawl space.  This new version has a trap and goes to the actual drains out the house.  I like it.  And, water was hot by the time they were finsihed just before 11am.  I can now actually move into my pad, as I’ll be able to take a shower!


The Tile is DONE.

[flickr]photo:2609939049[/flickr] Master Bedroom

[flickr]photo:2609939019[/flickr] The bathroom

[flickr]photo:2610771894[/flickr] Garage entry / Laundry Room

[flickr]photo:2609938993[/flickr] Kitchen

[flickr]photo:2609938937[/flickr] Main entry

There are two peices of trim that have gone missing, about a foot total.  So I’ll have to get that fixed.  One is under the cabinets in the kitchen, and really looks bad.  The other is next to where the fridge goes by the hall way. I like the tile 🙂


Ok, my cell phone is craptastic at best.  It used to be better…but 2 years of my dropping it make it sometimes no longer ring.  Sometimes I don’t get notifications of voice mail, or text messages.  Maybe it’s tMobile, maybe it’s the years of abuse on the original Motorola Razr.

I was going to switch to AT&T and get the newer Motorola Razr2 V9…so today I go through all the steps on (because the phons free there), and it’s a 1-2 month wait.  Screw that.

Old phone wins!  so, if you call me and I don’t answer…it’s not that I am ignoring you, it’s probably because I need to reset my phone..again…

Tile mostly in!

Most of the tile was laid yesterday afternoon.  There’s some spots left to do..but not much.

Grout goes in today.  I’ll stop by around 5:00 and take a look.  I have some sofa’s to move tonight into the pad, and hooke up appliances – because they are in the living room still.

I’ll take some pictures of how it all looks.  I like the tile, goes well with the carpet and paint!

Carpet Yes..Tile maybe…

What’s the deal with Tile.  I swear I am tile cursed.

Oh we have tile…it’s been at my house since Thursady morning.  The first kid that was there start putting the backerboard stuff over top fo the vinyl floor… uh.. I paid $600 to have the vinyl and stuff under that removed.  The new cement backer board goes over the plywood then the tile goes in.  The laundry room has to be re-done as the backer board was all installed there.

Also, apparently my neighbor called to local police to complain.  All turns out ok on the noise / work front – the neighbors having a bad time of it…so that’s worked out.

No work happened Friday.  Hello?

Saturday…the carpet went in.  The tile guy was there…they have all the places marked where the tile goes so the carpet went in.  Carpet looks great.  Carpet guy did good work.  I should have asked if he does tile…

When I spoke with the Tile guy…he said they’d be done Friday and maybe be finishing off a bit Saturday morning.  It’s 1:17am Sunday morning, and not a bit of tile is in.  I emailed the water heater place asking to delay the install of the water heater until Wednesday.  No way I’m in my place by Monday.


On a good night, the carpet really does look very nice.  And the 18″ tile I picked out also will go well with it…as soon as it’s in.

It all has to be over with by next weekend, right?

The tile…and the saga…

Just got a call from the tile peoples, literally.  No, really, they called.

Tile install to begin Thursday sometime between 8 and 10 am.  Two days for tile.  Saturday the carpet goes in.

I think I’m going to go get a ice cream sunday to celebrate….when they are done.

On another note…the hot water heater people called, because I hadn’t called them (hey! what a twist?!) and wanted to know what the dealio was with my hot water.  I let him know I just hadn’t had my flooring finished and I’d call as soon as I could to schedule that.

So…looks like I might be home sometime next week. (I’m assuming they won’t want to install a hot water heater cheaply on a Saturday or Sunday.)


I have a family reunion this summer around July 4th.  I booked my flight some time ago (March..) and American Airlines then emailed me and altered my flights.

Now, I’m ok with a change of maybe an hour…but my flight was changed from 7:00am to 7:05pm.  That just wasn’t acceptable for me.  I emailed in to get some help, or just have everything canceled as I’d be fine with driving… but that goes to some black hole apparently.

Today I got around to calling in as I didn’t like the flight time, and I searched online and they have plenty of morning flights.

Bottom line, I’m now flying on a bigger plane, and leaving at 7am again, getting back at 11am…30 minutes faster overall.  I guess I should have ignored emailing in my complaint about the flight time adjustment and just called to begin with.  Airlines seem to just not respond to email.

Off to Pittsburgh…in a couple weeks.  Joy!


It seems to be the big waiting game.  Why can’t people in customer service/sales know to call you and let you know that the $6,000 you planned on spending with them is still wanted 🙂

I’ll call and pester tomorrow morning.  Now..I must plan lunch!

The floor…and appliances

I went and visited Carpet Exchange yesterday in Fort Collins.  We just weren’t getting anywhere on the phone, other than me being pissed off at them.  I wouldn’t say I’m un-pissed off… but at least I have a install date, and a new tile that they verified by phone was actually available.

The original tile had some black in it, the new tile does not…  I’m honestly not that partial to the black specks so I’m fine.  Why they didn’t just let me know I needed to pick out a new tile I have no idea.  Hopefully they call me again on Monday and leave another message.

My appliances all arrived Friday afternoon.  Today I installed the over-range microwave.  I always kill one masonry bit when I do that 🙂  Drilling through the ceramic tile back splash to get to the stud for the bracket is such a pain.  This is the 2nd one I’ve done.  I mounted it probably 1/8″ too low, but it went in much easier than the last one.  I think I like that 1/8″ lowness.   No one else will notice but me.  Two lag bolts into studs, the directions only say to put one into a stud.  Then there’s the 2 toggle bolts holding the top of the bracket tight.  Once that is in, you slip the microwave onto the mounting bracket and tilt it into place and pull the power cord up.   There’s three bolts that hold the top from flipping back out… installing over the rang microwaves isn’t too bad.  It’s more of a pain to line up the templates, and then drill through whatever material you have to go through.

done and done.  This will all look very nice once the tile and carpet is in place.

I even slide the new rang over underneath the microwave just to get a look at it.  I like it, I’m glad I ordered new appliances.  I wonder if anyone expects me to have some sort of open house to trash my new carpet!

The Remodel

Well, I am redoing the floors in my place.  So I ordered new floors on May 13, had final measure and was ready to go May 14.  Was supposed to be installed May 23.  A friend helped me remove all the old carpet and clean up the staples…I was done and set by May 18.

Unfortunately, they place ordered 12″ tiles and I specified 18″ tiles.  No floor was installed.  I have removed all the carpet, and appliances, removed the water heater even so the tile could go in there.

Found out that they won’t have the correct tile until hopefully June 11.  The biggest problem I’m having is lack of communication from the peoples.  I call them, they never return the calls and don’t get a status update – even to say they don’t know when the new stuff will be in…

I guess I’ll see.  I could go shopping for new carpet and tile and cancel on the first people … but you must understand how much I hate shopping.  At least the walls are all painted and I went over all the wood trim with Watco Rejuvenating Oil – the trim looks great!

Maybe I’ll find a camera and take pictures of it before the carpet and tile goes in..then after… we’ll see.