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Long weekend…

For some of you, it’s a 3 day weekend…  I already worked 10hrs on Saturday and 14 Friday.

I couldn’t take anymore, so I left.  I think I’ve got it setup to be fixed…but I’m not spending my entire weekend at work. Nutz to that!

Also…I watched A Praire Home Companion (the movie) after having listend to it on my drive back from Tennessee.  I didn’t even know the radio show existed still, honestly.  I hadn’t heard it before.  So today I was informed it’s on NPR in Colorado!  SWEET!

It’s tuned in now 🙂  yay!  I guess I do like some quirky things…

Matching Stain

I guess I’m not so good at matching trim…  I have new trim to replace the broken / mangled trim from the tile.  Today I finally go around to staining it and it’s waaayyy to dark.

I guess I have to head back to HomeDepot yet again…

I did pick up a swiffer and a duster.  So there’s no dust around my TV and the floor is clean.  Now i have to cut another piece of trim to fit in the kitchen though.  What are the odds I can cut a perfect piece twice in one day.

Oh, and Matty is fine after her surgery.  Still taking her on the daily 1 hour walk (ok, 1 hour 15 minutes…) and she’s down to 60.5lbs from 76 in March.  She’s hawt now…all the boy dogs go crazy when she walks by.

Matty Surgery

My dog has had a spot on her belly for a long time.  I’ve noticed it’s been getting bigger lately.

Took her to the vet, it would be $150 to have it tested.  It’s $650 to just have it removed.

As it’s a possibility it’s a cancerous growth, I am just opting to have it removed and skipping paying for the test on beforehand.

Matty goes in on the 20th.


Staycationing is boring.

So last week as I was bored out of my skull on a Monday… I decided to go to Tennessee.

I was going to go to Texas, but they had a hurricane…and I have no desire to experience one of those up close. I visited my Pa’ and his wife.  Had a good visit.  Ate way to much food.

Good news…if you’re going to visit Jack Daniels in Lynchburg, TN, by some special law they can sell Jack Daniels at the distillery now days.

It was a 16 hour drive from Loveland to Darden.  Yes I am aware Google Maps and my GPS claim it’s closer to 20 hours…trust me, they lie.  I was rarely more then 5mph over the speed limit…well, ok, 70mph is a stupid speed limit on the interstate in Kanas so I was more like 10 over there….and Missouri…and Tennessee… but in Colorado where it’s 75, I was never more then 5 over 🙂

I took pictures..but…they are on a different computer and I won’t upload them so there you have it.  Staycationing is overrated unless you have some glorious plan in town or something.  Me, I gotta get outta town.


Well, I’m officially on vacation!  yay!

I have no plan to go anywhere…someone overspent a bit on the house project, by maybe 5-6k. D’oh!  Though I am pondering going to Texas or Arizona.

I’ve not had a meal at Oliva’s on 22nd Ave and Cactus in several years….and there’s always Valley Luna over on 35 Ave and Bell Rd…next to the Safeway I worked at when I was a wee lad.

OddTodd suggested I go to Maryland – something tells me a New Yorker doesn’t know how far away that is.  But still, I like OddTodd..  I guess i’ll come up with something to do.