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MMm two of my favorite things!

I had to eat dinner, right?  So I made up some bacon wrapped asparagus!  I ate most of it before I took a picture.

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus!

Then I made another go-round of Salsa to share with friends at the halloween party tomorrow night! YAY!

Salsa, October 30, 2008

Salsa, October 30, 2008


Well, it’s time to make more salsa. I think I’ll document the creation process a bit more. and pick up some 1qt containers so I can dole it out.

Honestly, the last batch a bunch has gone to waste because I cannot eat that much myself….and I put it on every sandwich I made and every dinner I served for a week solid. It just doesn’t happen to all get eaten.

So…if you want some salsa, let me know…I can make the rounds Friday and drop it off.

D’oh..and the phone

I kept wondering why I didn’t get some mail that I was pretty sure I should get… like.. one of my online banking accounts.

Turns out, I don’t know how to type.  The PO Box I had listed was the right town…but…I dunno who owns 3634- and they never stuck it into my box.  I was sure I went through all my online accounts back in May to make sure everything was updated to the proper PO Box and street address…apparently not.

So today I wade through the multitude of accounts I have to ensure I’ve actually got my proper mailing address.

What a hassle.  Thankfully, most things already were setup for my PO Box.

Oh…and life without a “land-line”… I’m trying to think of bad things about it, but there are none.  Cancel your home phone.  Live with a cell phone, save $30-$40/month.  Even my foray into a VoIP phone service wasn’t worth while.  Unless you have children and need a home phone for them…there’s no point in it these days. (I’d suggest, even with kids, adding a family plan and getting a cell phone that’s just kept in the house.)

… that’s it.  Tonight’s the last softball game of the season, and I forgot to schedule a massage so my back is sore still from the time I tweaked my side – but it’s not in pain.

My Art

I have one painting in my house. When I bought my house, my friend contacted another friend who is an artist and he paid for some of it.  It was a very generous offering.

I’ve talked about it to a few people and well…a picture is worth a thousand words…please feel free to comment..

You should be able to click on that to open up a much larger version.

That’s it…that is all the art I own. No statues, no other pictures, nothing….my walls are barren. Someday I hope to alleviate that.

Salsa Friday!

It’s been a while… since I made a vat of salsa.

Last night I got up the gumption and made it 🙂 It doesn’t seem very spicy for some reason, but it’s good all the same.

Time to share with those who may enjoy it!

Fresh, Tasty, Home-Made!

Fresh, Tasty, Home-Made!

1,000 Mile checkup..

I bought a new transmission! YAY… I got to my 1,000 mile point and took it in for a checkup.

Apparently, they found something wrong with it so they had to work on the trans some more to fix whatever is wrong. I didn’t really ask for details other than it won’t cost me anything more.

Only problem was… when they have my truck, I don’t. And yes, I own my other car…but…you can only drive one at a time. This morning I dropped off the truck and got a ride from there to work. I then walked over after work to get the truck (1.6 miles). So..when the truck wasn’t ready, and I hadn’t pre-arranged a ride… it’s left foot right foot all the way home:( I left for home, and got here 50 minutes later, and a total of 4.1306 miles (according to GMap Pedometer) I’m home! w00t. It would take about an hour 20 to walk the whole thing at once, if I didn’t “pause” at the transmission place.

Matty didn’t get an afternoon walk… my work shoes really aren’t good for such a long walk. I should have packed my walkin shoes! But I did get 32 oz’s of 90 schilling for dinner….and I forgot solid food…no wonder I’m hungry.

I think I’ll stick to walking Matty in the dark and chancing screaming lady in the morning instead of walking to and from work as a routine.

Maybe tomorrow I get my truck back!

The Screams…

Most people know I go for a walk with Matty (my dog) in the mornings.  Well, it’s not quite as bright out as it was in July.  The sun is no longer up, and it’s very dark.

Today, I noticed a light up ahead, I figured a biker coming my way.  It was moving slow, so I walked over the wood bridge….  the light darted from the left to the right, directly into my path.  It’s not a bike. And that’s odd to block my way.

Then screams.  Imagine a horror movie.  That sort of screams.  Another scream and seemed to charge at me.

So that stopped me pretty quick.  What the #*#$? was that.  I took a second, another round of screams.  I was pretty certain a woman was being assaulted on the trail not 20 yards ahead of me….and I am going to have to do something about it…

So I yelled back, one, hoping to scare whatever attacker was there into fleeing, and two, to let whoever it was know help was near.   I’m dressed fairly dark, so I probably cannot be seen too easily..and I have the advantage of being a big guy with a big dog.

Normally things don’t startle me too much, but that certainly did.  It’s definitely unnerving, and you have limited time with decisions…

Welp, she wasn’t being attacked.  She thought Matty was a coyote coming to get her and her dogs.  She apologized for screaming.   She could only see the glow of Matty’s eyes (and maybe mine?) coming for her.

Jimminy Crickets.  How about yelling hello instead of bloody screams to start with.

Alright, lets finish 2008 with no more excitement on walks.

The Skunk

Well, I’ve seen a skunk twice.  Matty has found the skunk once.

Matty wanted to eat the skunk, but thankfully she just barked at it.  Even better, the skunk never turned around to give her a whiff of what’s up with the little black and white critter.


It’s not the easiest of things to do…get a picture of a skunk, keep dog from skunk, stay away from skunk… but there you have it.  You can see his little black tail.  I had to walk by about 6 or 7ft from the skunk as it was on the side of the trail and the canal was on the other side.   Thank you Mr (or Mrs) skunk for not skunking me or my dog!