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Sniffing around.

So not much exciting has happened on the walks, morning or evening.  That’s a good thing.

You get this tidbit instead..

Tonight’s walk was fairly uneventful.  The low clouds actually make it a bit brighter walking along the path, and cutting across the dirt over to Boise.  Heading down Boise, where there is a fire hydrant and leaves.  Matty is sniffing around as a dog will do.  I give her some slack figuring she’s just wanting to leave a little scent for the boy dogs.  Instead, she grabs a squirrel.   Not an alive, fighting mad one.  A dead squirrel.

I notice what it was, and I tell her to drop it.  She flung it out onto the sidewalk, a good couple feet.  She was really upset she didn’t get to keep it.

I’m just hoping she hasn’t caught some odd disease now.

Silly dog.

Oh, and no…I didn’t take a picture because I forgot my camera and phone.

The Coyote.

Well who whuddathunkit?!

This morning…a bit after 6:30am at the point where I cross the 2nd bridge by Boyd Lake and I then walk near the end of the trail and follow the dirt path over to Boise… there… a Coyote stopped in the trail and sized up Matty and me.

No, I didn’t scream.

The Coyote moved along and probably went to get a drink of water, I didn’t see it again.  I put Matty back onto her leash so she didn’t go looking too much for it.

Matty was very excited and sniffed exuberantly in the area the coyote was at.

I’m going to start carrying my camera with me on the morning walk!

Fall back…

It’s winter…we should have more sunlight in the evening, not in the morning while everyone’s asleep.

I dislike falling back. It should be a shift, but in the other direction…or…preferably, not at all! Arizona has this one right.  No changing the clocks!