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The misplaced /

Seems the “search” over there to the right wasn’t working…  someone let me know and I fixored it today.

Silly developers reference “/index.php” instead of “index.php”, and since my Blog is located in /blog…it wasn’t finding the index to search with.

All better!

Digital Revolution!

Remember when you were a kid, and you got 4 or 5 stations and no one paid for it? I do…

Do you really need 200 channels?  I don’t.

I’m going back to that…sort of.  With the digital changes Feb 17 finally happening, I can take advantage of Free Over the Air Digital TV.  And with CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, PBS, CW and ION stations broadcasting ever more content in HD formats… I don’t think I’ll miss pay TV.

I have my UHF Antenna mounted on my roof, and I pick up 22 digital stations from Denver, Fort Collins, and Cheyenne with my 37″ LCD TV.   It’s nice to have a digital ready TV, and a buddy who supplied me with a killer antenna!

You could set yourself up,  just check out AntennaWeb to find out what channels are near and see if it’s something you’d like.  I’ll admit, not everyone thinks they can live without Cable/Satellite.  I’ve not watched my DirecTV since Jan 1..and I’ve not missed a thing.

How much are you spending each month for Television?  I’ve been spending $720+ a year for TV.  I’m done with it.  You could take that savings and in 2 years have a nice 60Inch LCD TV & pay for 2 years of NetFlix supplying you with a great home movie experience! And if you really MUST watch some Cable really need to check out the ‘Net because you can download most every episode of every show legally for free. (go find hulu!)

January, 2009…the dawning of the age of no pay TV for me!

Happy 2009

So…what was your resolution that you’ll soon be breaking?

Me..I’m going to eat more ice cream, and get more massages.  I think those I can do.

Good luck 2009! When’s it going to be 2010?!