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The Lobster Shack

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The Lobster Shack.

The entire point of the trip…to get a lobster roll!  It was a long drive, but it was really worth it!  Plan better to show up for the strawberry festival at the end of June….

It’s a nice drive out to the end, past the Two Lights State Park – I’m assuming there’s light houses there, but the amount of rain made me just bypass that and go for the food!


My Lobster Roll with a side of coleslaw.  It is tasty!  I ate the pickles first, then smeared the mayo in a bit and took a bite!  I could eat this regularly – too bad it’s not an option in Loveland!  The meat is cold, the bun is warmly toasted, the mayo isn’t overwhelming at all.

Very worthwhile to get it!  I’ll be back, at some point…and stay longer in the area!

Go get yourself a Lobster Roll, I recommend the Lobster Shack in Cape Elizabeth town!

The Alamo!

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Got the San Antonio rather late on Monday and The Alamo isn’t open late.  The river walk was near, so I headed over and got in a good stroll along the river walk.  Down one side and the other.  I had dinner at one of the restaurants that was open.  Good food, but, service at 11 at night is always a bit suspect.

In the morning, I walked around the Alamo a few times as it doesn’t open at 7am when I got up, but at 9am.  So I wandered the river walk again…

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The Alamo is free, so that is a bonus.  Interesting that it seems much smaller than I would have originally though.  But, I guess it was an outpost along the river in the middle of nowhere for the most part.  Glad I visited the Alamo!  They have a bunch of interesting artifacts on display, and the grounds are nice.  The Live Oak tree that was transplanted still growing away.

From San Antonio I headed to Snook, TX (below) for my Chicken Fried Bacon lunch!

Chicken Fried Bacon



Sodalaks, Home of Chicken Fried Bacon!

After having spent the net in San Antonio, and visiting the Alamo… I was off to get a lunch treat.  We’ve read about it or seen the videos on YouTube for Sodalaks Chicken Fried Bacon….  be wary of the impostor place called Sodalaks Beefmasters or something.  Go to Snook, Texas.  Get the good service!

I drove around for 2 hours of of San Antonio to get to Snook.  I then drove right passed the resturaunt and did a u-turn.  I ordered up my chicken fried bacon, and a cheeseburger with the works.


The chicken fried bacon comes smokin’ hot from the deep frier.  It’s not at all greasy, and comes with a tasty side of country gravy.  I dipped and bit!  The gravy tastes great!  Not so much bacon flavor, so, there’s that.  If you’re near, you should try it.  But…I wouldn’t plan a vacation around it was worth my visit on my way East!  Would I do it again?  Yes…if I happen to be near.  The service was great, friendly and fast!  The burger was fantabulous!  I pondered getting teh steak, but, I just didn’t see myself downing a 11oz sirloin and driving 12+ hours.  I’d highly recomend dining at th Country Inn at Snook, Texas!

Uneventful diving has been nice.  But it’s been raining since Tennessee for the most part, and that sucks.

Hope you’re having fun!

The road to Maine…

Made it into San Antonio last evening.  Went for a walk on the river walk thing, and hade a nice dinner.

The Alamo is a bit small compared to all the hotels and buildings around it, but I’ll go grab a quick tour then off to Snook, TX!

Don’t know where I’ll be staying tonight…lets hope they have some WiFi.   I’ll get to my cousins in North Carolina (or is it south? hmmm) Wednesday afternoon.

Hopefully have some pictures tonight.

Into Phoenix…

I made it to Phoenix in about 12.5 hours – so an average time to get here. The rental car I have is a ’09 Camry, I bought gas once so far…in Durango, Co. NIce gas mileage! over 450 miles a tank, too!

Had good sushi last night with my friend and enjoying a warm day in Phoenix. I forgot how fleeping hot it is here.
Going for Mexican food tonight, and then to meet up with some other friends at Gelato – if it’s findable!

All in all…having a good relaxing time!

I head out Monday morning, and I’m pondering bypassing the Chicken fried bacon as it might make it impossible to get to Maine for a lobster roll…I’ll make the decision in the morning.

And we’re asleep… thought I left already.

I just finished packing…and now I’m going to nap.  As I’ve driven the road to Phoenix so many times through the Four Corners region…don’t expect much until like Monday.

Now…you have fun working this week, because I’m on vacation!