Chicken Fried Bacon



Sodalaks, Home of Chicken Fried Bacon!

After having spent the net in San Antonio, and visiting the Alamo… I was off to get a lunch treat.  We’ve read about it or seen the videos on YouTube for Sodalaks Chicken Fried Bacon….  be wary of the impostor place called Sodalaks Beefmasters or something.  Go to Snook, Texas.  Get the good service!

I drove around for 2 hours of of San Antonio to get to Snook.  I then drove right passed the resturaunt and did a u-turn.  I ordered up my chicken fried bacon, and a cheeseburger with the works.


The chicken fried bacon comes smokin’ hot from the deep frier.  It’s not at all greasy, and comes with a tasty side of country gravy.  I dipped and bit!  The gravy tastes great!  Not so much bacon flavor, so, there’s that.  If you’re near, you should try it.  But…I wouldn’t plan a vacation around it was worth my visit on my way East!  Would I do it again?  Yes…if I happen to be near.  The service was great, friendly and fast!  The burger was fantabulous!  I pondered getting teh steak, but, I just didn’t see myself downing a 11oz sirloin and driving 12+ hours.  I’d highly recomend dining at th Country Inn at Snook, Texas!

Uneventful diving has been nice.  But it’s been raining since Tennessee for the most part, and that sucks.

Hope you’re having fun!

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