The Alamo!

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Got the San Antonio rather late on Monday and The Alamo isn’t open late.  The river walk was near, so I headed over and got in a good stroll along the river walk.  Down one side and the other.  I had dinner at one of the restaurants that was open.  Good food, but, service at 11 at night is always a bit suspect.

In the morning, I walked around the Alamo a few times as it doesn’t open at 7am when I got up, but at 9am.  So I wandered the river walk again…

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The Alamo is free, so that is a bonus.  Interesting that it seems much smaller than I would have originally though.  But, I guess it was an outpost along the river in the middle of nowhere for the most part.  Glad I visited the Alamo!  They have a bunch of interesting artifacts on display, and the grounds are nice.  The Live Oak tree that was transplanted still growing away.

From San Antonio I headed to Snook, TX (below) for my Chicken Fried Bacon lunch!

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